Thursday, April 9, 2009

The D&D Project Vol.1 (1995)

For the hardcore fans of underground this is it. I heard about this by word of mouth by some D.C dj's and they were right, this album is tight. It has various artists such as ill Will,
Mad Lion and some other underground rappers. It has great tracks and rapers with some mad flow. Definately an album you turn up the music and roll down the windows to!

01) 1, 2 Pass It - D&D All-Stars
02) Look Alive - Big C
03) Act Up - Ill Breed
04) Da Good Die Young - N-Tense
05) Stone To The Bone - Big Jaz
06) From Within Out - Fabidden Frut
07) Get Up - Maniac Mob
08) Just A Little Flava - II Unorthodox
09) Blowin' Up The Spot - Ill Will
10) Rude Boy - Night Dwellers
11) Nine Inches Hard - Juice
12) Mental Illness - 2 Mental
13) 1, 2 Pass It (Remix) - D&D All-Stars


If anybody has VOL.2 I would be appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharin' dude

Anonymous said...

I have DnD and I'm now uploading them and I'll post u a link

Anonymous said...


You"ve been marked on my visitor map!