Saturday, March 15, 2008

R.O.A. - G 4 Life (1995) (*RARE*)

01. Intro
02. Giggiddy Bang
03. Laws On My Back
04. Kill Or Be Killed
05. Paranoid
06. Deep Shit
07. Sing Nina
08. Lord With Me
09. Killing Spree
10. G 4 Life



Rap Music Store said...

Damn, where is this group from? I never seen this album before. Good find!

mij006 said...

They are from Birmingham,AL Hit song Lord be with me was popular on local radio in 96. I went out and got the cd shortly after. too badd they didnt make it bigger. they were crippin so i guess they got caught up.

caveman205 said...

I want this CD. Been looking for it for ever. Where can I find it?

Anonymous said...

I got all their CD's they ain't crippin either they were and still are G's 4 Life. 7.4 GDN.

Vatrogasac said...

where's a link 4 this

alo braco link izbachite za ovo

faXcooL said...

eto ti ga link prijatelju, klikni na prvu "tinypic" sliku.

You"ve been marked on my visitor map!