Tuesday, March 18, 2008

M-Sane - Unda Da Influence (2004)


01 Up 4 Grabs - (with MSane/Balance/First Degree The D.E.)
02 Fuck MSane - (with MSane)
03 All Night Long - (with MSane/D-Money/Ace Mak)
04 Unda Da Influence - (with MSane/Balance)
05 Haterlude
06 Checkmate - (with MSane)
07 Die Tonight - (with MSane)
08 Only Through Pain - (with MSane)
09 Livin` It Up - (with MSane/D-Money/Balance)
10 Loose It - (with MSane/Bread/Ace Mak)
11 Sayin` Goodbye - (with MSane)
12 Dank N` Drank - (with MSane/First Degree The D.E.)
13 Whatcha Know Bout` - (with MSane)
14 Fuck A Lot - (with MSane)
15 Pimpin N` Panderin - (with Snippet)


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Rap Hip-Hop Music said...

This Sacramento album is a slumper! Msane comes real tight on all the tracks. First Degree The D.E. has that Planet Zero sound on this!

You"ve been marked on my visitor map!