Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Ace Deuce - Southern Gutta Butta (2000)

Thanx to "Tourette"

01. Searchin for Platinum & Gold
02. My City
03. Deuce Thousand Featuring the Gp Click
04. Can I Git Wit U
05. Southern Gutta Butta
06. Grippin Graine A Featuring U.G.K.
07. Deep in the Barrio Featuring South Park Mexican
08. Woe Now Featuring H.A.W.K. of D.E.A. & Screwed Up Click
09. We From the Ghetto Boy Featuring Lo Life of the 5th Ward Boyz & E-Rock
10. Dope Cases & Murders Featuring Mista Mike
11. It's Goin Down Tonight
12. Tho Up Yo Hood
13. The Hustler's Prayer Ace Deuce Featuring Ladies of Distinction

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