Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Greedy - I Shootz This (2000)

01-I Shootz This Intro
02-Roll Wit Us (F_Playa Mac and EJ)
03-Hataz [Remix] (F_Killa Tay)
04-For Tha Paper (F_Stan B)
05-Club Like (F_M
06-Love Of Money (F_Stan B)
07-Letz Go There (F_Lokei and EJ)
08-Dirty Game
09-Gotta Have It (F_Infahred and D-Moe)
10-Sac On The Map (F_C-Bo and A
11-Mouse Trap (F_Dubb-Sak and Skee 64oz)
12-No Escape (F_Marvaless)
13-Put It Togeather
14-Now U Know (F_Spice 1)
15-Hustlematic (F_EJ and Mac)
16-Cross Fire (F_P-Folks)
17-The Life I Live (F_Lunasicc and Gangsta Dre)
18-Killa Cali

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