Monday, October 29, 2007

Big Noyd - The Stick Up Kid (2006)

The Stick Up Kid is the 4th album release by Big Noyd released by Traffic Entertainment.

01 Infamous Team (feat: Prodigy & Godfather)
02 Number 1
03 Don’t Play With Them Burners (feat: Havoc)
04 Money Roll (feat: Prodigy, Illah G, Twin Gambino, Godfather)
05 That’s How You Get Dead: Twin (feat: Noyd)
06 Stick Up Kid
07 You Already Know (feat: Flame Killah, Godfather)
08 Crazy Ass Click
09 It's On
10 It's Going Down
11 My Rhyme
12 You Can Say What Ever You Want
13 You Better Take It Easy
14 World's Famous (feat: Ty Nitty, Chinkey, The Infamous Team)

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