Friday, September 28, 2007

N.W.A. - 100 Miles and Runnin' (1990)

01 "100 Miles and Runnin'"– 4:35
02 "Just Don't Bite It"– 5:32
03 "Sa Prize, Pt. 2"– 5:58
04 "Real Niggaz"– 4:44
05 "Kamurshol"- 1:56

100 Miles and Runnin' is the title of an EP by hip hop group N.W.A., released in 1990 on Ruthless Records. Prior to recording, all of the group members had signed a long-term contract with the Ruthless Records label. However, member Ice Cube refused the contract's terms and consequently separated from the group. Although the album was released as an EP, it nevertheless hit the charts and sold over 500,000 copies, reaching gold status. This was not surprising as the group had gained popularity from being seen as front runners of the increasingly popular genre of gangsta rap.


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