Friday, September 28, 2007

N.W.A. - Niggaz4Life (1991)

Collection completed :

(and here you can find "N.W.A. - Str8 Outta Compton" if y'a need)

01"Prelude" (Dr. Dre/MC Ren) – 2:27
02"Real Niggaz Don't Die" (The D.O.C./Dr. Dre/Eazy-E/Fekaris/MC Ren/DJ Yella/Zesses) – 3:40
03"Niggaz 4 Life" (The D.O.C./Dr. Dre/MC Ren) – 4:58
04"Protest" – 0:53
05"Appetite for Destruction" (The D.O.C./Dr. Dre/Kokane/MC Ren) – 3:22
06"Don't Drink That Wine" – 1:07
07"Alwayz Into Somethin'" (featuring Kokane) (The D.O.C./Dr. Dre/MC Ren) – 4:29
08"Message to B.A." (diss to Ice Cube) – 0:48
09"Real Niggaz" (DJ Yella/Dr. Dre/Eazy-E/MC Ren) – 4:27
10"To Kill a Hooker" – 0:50
11"One Less Bitch" (The D.O.C./Dr. Dre) – 4:47
12"Findum, Fuckum, and Flee" (Dr. Dre/Eazy-E/MC Ren/DJ Yella) – 3:55
13"Automobile" (Eazy-E) – 3:15
14"She Swallowed It" (MC Ren) – 4:13
15"I'd Rather Fuck You" (featuring CPO) (Dr. Dre/Eazy-E/DJ Yella) – 3:57
16"Approach to Danger" (The D.O.C./Dr. Dre/MC Ren/DJ Yella) – 2:45
17"1-900-2-Compton" – 1:27
18"The Dayz of Wayback" (The D.O.C./Dr. Dre/MC Ren) – 4:15

Niggaz4Life (also known as Efil4zaggin, or by its censored name Straight Outta Compton 2) was the 1991 album by Gangsta rap group N.W.A.. It was their final album, as the group disbanded later the same year after the departure of Dr. Dre and songwriter The D.O.C. for Death Row Records; the album features only four members of the original line-up, as Ice Cube had already left the group in 1989. Efil4zaggin debuted at #2 on the Billboard 200, but in its second week reached number one. The only other artist to do this are Michael Jackson and Michael Buble.


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